Welcome to Mr. Warman’s Website!!

Welcome to Mr. Warman’s Website!!

Welcome to my website for Franklin Academy Cooper City’s “MYP IB Individuals and Societies” courses!!  We will be learning about all things Civics and United States History this year.

Here I will be posting all relevant information concerning our class and going-ons in school.

Are you ready to CONTINUE THE JOURNEY as we become true GOAL DIGGERS?


We are an IB School!!


Academic Journey

Welcome to my section for my weekly Academic Journey FSA Math prep group!

There isn’t much here now, but I will fill this page with math review as we get closer to the FSA!

For now, if you are a member of my Academic Journey group, please join my Khan Academy class!  To join is simple:

  1. Go to khanacademy.org/coaches
  2. Enter my group code: NH3J68UK

I will be posting on Khan Academy what we have learned and what we plan on learning the following week, so check often for updates!